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My name is Bob LaMarch. I am a licensed freshwater fishing guide here in Texas. I fish mainly for sand bass and hybrid stripers on Lake Lewisville and Lake Ray Roberts. I have been fishing since I was a young child, and guiding for several years. I work very hard to find the fish and to help you have a GREAT time catching them.


My boat is a 2004 model Nitro Center console Bay boat with a 90 horse power Mercury outboard engine. It has a bow mounted electric motor and all electronics to help locate fish faster. The boat is stable, extremely safe and able to withstand most weather the lakes can throw at it.


I supply all the rods, reels, lures, and bait (when necessary) needed to catch anything we will be fishing for. Depending on what type of fishing we will be doing, I use several different rod-and-reel combos. All tackle is in excellent condition, high quality, and well suited to the types of fishing we will be doing. You may bring your own tackle if you desire.


Sand bass, or white bass are a game fish that resemble a striper are very plentiful, and are known for their fighting abilities. Their average size is around 12-15 inches, but I have caught them much bigger. They tend to school together, so once found you can usually catch several of them. The fish are also known for being excellent table-fare. I like to use a method called slabbing, or we may throw spinners and top-water lures at them while they chase baitfish on or near the surface. The limits on these fish are very liberal here in Texas - as each fisherman is allowed to keep 25 of them over ten inches long.

Hybrids are similar to sand bass except they grow to much larger sizes. These are usually caught between 18 and 24 inches. The limits on these are only 5 fish per person, and they must be 18 inches to keep.

Occasionally we catch other varieties of fish, as they are mixed into the schools of sand bass or hybrids. We have caught largemouth bass, crappie and catfish. One of my clients recently set a new lake record for Lake Ray Roberts with a very large Blue Catfish!


A full day trip is 7-8 hours (sometimes longer if the fish are biting) and the half day trip is 3-3 1/2 hours. If you're looking for a more laid back style of fishing you may want to consider a night fishing trip. These start just before sundown and last 6-8 hours, and are the same price as a full day trip. This can be a great alternative to help beat the Texas summer heat. All prices are for two people and include everything needed for a great day of fishing. I can also do custom trips for larger groups, corporate trips or want to camp and fish for an entire weekend. Let me know what YOU want to do, and I can set up a trip for you. I will supply sodas, water, ice and snacks. I also fillet and bag all of your fish at the end of the trip!!


Because of the sheer number of fish that can be caught in a day, sand bass fishing is an excellent way to introduce a child to fishing. Or it may be a great way to re-ignite an interest in fishing! I have taken children of all ages fishing and always get great feedback on those trips. Kids always have a great time on the boat. with numbers of 30 to 100 fish per trip, how can they not have fun??!!

I will work very closely with the child to assure they catch fish, and hopefully learn to catch them on their own with minimal help. Children always light up with the fight of a sand bass on the end of their line!

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